Workshop Princeton, United States  – 
Institute for Advanced Study
1 Einstein Drive
08540 Princeton
United States
Algebraic Topology

The workshop will focus on recent progress in the analytic theory of automorphic forms.
Topics include the trace formula with its relative, local and arithmetic variants, periods and the theta correspondence, and equidistribution.


The workshop is organized by Akshay Venkatesh (IAS/Stanford University), Erez Lapid (IAS/Weizmann Institute) and Yiannis Sakellardis (IAS/Rutgers)

Invited Speakers:

Ngo Bau Chau, Nicolas Bergeron, Raphael Beuzart-Plessis, Pierre-Henri Chaudouard, Mikolaj Fraczyk, Wee Teck Gan, Tasho Kaletha, Stephan Kudla, Simon Marshall, Jasmin Matz, Collete Moeglin, Paul Nelson, Jean-Loup Waldspurger, Shouwu Zhang, Wei Zhang

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