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FernUniversität in Hagen
Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik
Universiversitätsstr. 11
58097 Hagen

The FernUniversität in Hagen, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, invites applications for a postdoc position in group theory and topology in the algebra research group of Jun.-Prof. Steffen Kionke. It is a fixed term research position for 18 months in the project "Profinite perspectives on l2-cohomology" within the DFG-funded priority programme "Geometry at Infinity". The position offers the opportunity to investigate new methods in group theory, topology and geometry and to visit collaborators in the involved institutions.

Applicants are expected to be interested in one of the following research areas:

- Group theory (e.g. profinite groups, geometric group theory, arithmetic groups)

- Algebraic topology (in particular, L2-invariants)

The deadline for applications is Sunday, 8th of August 2021. The prefered starting date is November 2021.

An official job advertisement (in german) and a link to the application form is available here:

Application Instructions

The official job advertisement and the online application form can be found here:

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Contact Person
Dr. Steffen Kionke
+49 2331/987-2558