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Karlstad University
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Universitetesgatan 2
65188 Sweden

Are you interested in the interplay between stochastic modeling, management of complex energy systems, and programming?

The Faculty of Health, Science and Technology is accepting applications for a doctoral studentship leading to a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, within the Solar Electricity Research Center, Sweden (SOLVE) supported by the Energimyndigheten.

Complex energy systems are built upon a number of components interacting together via different mechanisms. The assessment of the performance of such complex systems require simulation tools that can cope with uncertainty. The starting point in this work is to investigate cases where the uncertainty in data, either due to measurements or sudden occurrence of defects or by forecasting, becomes non-negligible. To account for uncertainty effects, careful sensitivity studies of the results versus input data are needed.

This project involves the development of micro-macro stochastic modeling tools, multiscale polynomial chaos expansions, numerical simulation, and optimization of parameters defining the target solar energy management system(s). The aim is to use data to improve the models employed and, consequently, obtain a better forecast.


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Prof. Adrian Muntean