Tenure-track Manaus - Amazonas, Brazil Apply
Universidade Federal do Amazonas (UFAM)
Department of Mathematics
Av. General Rodrigo Octavio Jordão Ramos, 1200
Coroado I
69067-005 Manaus - Amazonas

Open Tenure Track Positions in Mathematics at the Federal University of Amazonas in Manaus (UFAM)


A public call for filling 3 positions in Mathematics has opened; candidates from all areas of Mathematics are welcome to apply.


Description of the Positions


The positions are for “Professor Efetivo” (similar to tenure track positions on assistant professor level in North-America)

Teaching duty is around 8-10 hours per week



Growing university and growing mathematics department, with currently around 40 full-time academic staff, regular scientific activities and summer schools

University campus located in a primary forest reserve of 650 hectares

Grants for financing travels to conferences in Brazil

Grants for financing the stay of visiting researchers from Brazil or from abroad


Why Manaus?

City of around 2 million people in the middle of the largest rainforest in the world

City with the third-highest industrial output in Brazil after São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

The State of Amazonas has 98% of its area (1.5 million km2) covered by primary forest

The surroundings of Manaus have very good conditions for outdoor activities, such as fishing, camping, excursions to waterfalls and river beaches

Geographical location: flight time to Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo is 4 hours and to Miami 5 hours


Salary and Salary Progression

Entry salary: 2500 EUR per month gross (2100 EUR net) at current exchange rate, with 13.5 salaries per year

Gradually increasing throughout the career: to around 3000 EUR gross per month after 4 years and to a maximum of 5300 EUR gross per month after 20 years of career


Cost of Living in Manaus

Expect around 350 EUR for a two-bedroom apartment of around 50m2 and 500 EUR for a three bedroom apartment of around 80m2 in a good area of the city in a block of buildings with a concierge service and amenities such as a swimming pool, a playground, a basketball court and a common event area


For more information, visit: www.ufam.edu.brwww.ice.ufam.edu.brwww.dmice.ufam.edu.br

Application Instructions

How to apply

Please note that all the relevant information and details of the public call (concurso público), Edital Nº. 97, can be found on the following webpage (in Portuguese):


The candidate should access the above webpage and click on “Faça sua inscrição aqui” and fill in all information required between the dates of 14th of January and 1st of February 2019.

To do this, the candidate will need to have a CPF (Cadastro e Pessoa Física) number. If you do not have such a number, you can obtain one in any Brazilian Consulate.


In case of any questions, please contact:

Alexander Steinmetz: was@ufam.edu.br

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Contact Person
Prof. Wilhelm Alexander Steinmetz