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University Graz
Institute of Mathematics and Scientific Computing
Heinrichstrasse 36
8010 Graz

About the project: The project addresses a broad spectrum in optimal control of PDEs and focusses on some of the most pressing topics: High dimensional Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations arising in feedback control, non-smooth, and possibly non-convex optimal control and related computational techniques. The use of optimal control techniques in data science applications can be another focus point for the future collaborator’s research.

Professional qualifications: Doctoral degree in a mathematical branch of study. Solid knowledge in applied mathematics, including PDEs, with specialization in either computational or analytical techniques. Experience in the numerical treatment of high-dimensional partial differential equations is especially welcome. Alternatively, specialization in optimal control, calculus of variations, or optimization is highly appreciated.

Contact person and grant holder:
Prof. Karl Kunisch, University of Graz and Radon Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, E-mail:

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Ms. Vanessa Peinhart