Yes, we do our very best to keep your data as protected as possible. We encrypt all uploaded files with the AES-256 encryption standard, which is used by banks and militaries all over the world. Furthermore, every piece of sensible data you send to our servers is sent through a SSL encrypted connection using TLS 1.2, meaning that the data cannot be reconstructed by looking at your internet traffic.

All our servers are located in Germany. Also, our backups are only saved in Germany.

We only advertise jobs with direct connection to the mathematical sciences, i.e. pure mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science etc. We aim at mathematicians who finished their studies and are looking for a research position in academia or a job in industry.

There are three types of accounts, you either choose to be applicant, employer or selection committee member. The first two options are mutually exclusive, so if you want to both apply and advertise listings, you need to create two accounts. The choice of applicant or employer cannot be changed later. If you only got invited to join a selection committee and do not know which of the two types of account you want to choose, select the third option. This allows you to fully participate in the hiring process and choose your account type at a later point in time.


No, the platform is and always will be free of charge for applicants.

Yes, you do need to create an account. This is required as you will manage all your documents and references online. Once you set up your account properly, you will be able to apply for jobs wherever you are, even from your mobile.

You upload your application files, request references through and fill out a standard cover letter with basic information about you. Afterwards, you assemble your application to jobs from these data. For a detailed description, please consult the HowTo for applicants.

Yes, until the deadline of the listing passes, you are able to alter your application. Afterwards, this can only be done by the job administrator, so please get in touch with the person of contact declared in the listing.

Yes, the withdrawal of an application is always possible. Reapplication is only possible if the deadline did not pass yet.

No, you are only able to see whether they uploaded their recommendation already, not the actual content of the letter.


No, you pay a fixed amount for each listing you advertise, nothing more. To learn more about the different listing options, please consult the overview Listing Options tries its best to make the whole process of hiring mathematicians easier for everyone involved. For a detailed outline of this process, please have a look at our HowTo for Employers

Yes, you as the listing administrator have the authority to decide whether the members will be presented a rating widget or not. If you choose to use the widget, you may also select which one. You need to make this decision during the creation of the listing and you cannot change your choice afterwards.

Yes, invitations are sent out via e-mail. To join the committee, the invitee needs to click on the link provided in the e-mail and log into his/her account. To send invitations for your listing, click on the tab "Committee" on the listing page.

Yes, after finishing the hiring process you get the chance to send an e-mail to all applicants through

Selection committee

Yes, you do need to create an account. However, you do not need to provide much information about yourself, your name and e-mail address are sufficient to be able to fully participate in the hiring process.

For each listing, there is a shoutbox giving you the opportunity to post messages concerning the general hiring process. Each application has its own comment section giving you a way to let the other members know what you think of this particular applicant. All these comments are only accessible by the other selection committee members of this listing.

If the listing administrator has decided to activate a rating widget, you see it on the individual applications. You can then rate the the applications individually. After doing this, your ratings are not yet confirmed, meaning that the other members cannot see it yet and it is not included in the average rating. If you are happy with your ratings, just go to the application overview and confirm your ratings by clicking on the "confirm" link. Notice that the color of the rating gives you a quick indication whether the rating is confirmed or not.

If the listing administrator wants you to look at certain applications more carefully, he/she assigns them to you. You can see this by looking at the last column by finding a bar in your color (for your color check the activity page of the listing) or hovering over the bars. You are also able to filter the applications to show only those assigned to you.

The listing administrator is able to hide applications if they are currently not of interest. This puts the applications at the very end of the overview and makes them appear grayed out. You can still access all information, it is just a visual clue.

You have the possibility to export individual applications as combined PDF document or multiple applications as a zip of these documents. Please make sure that you secure these files properly.

This is a way to attach applications to the top of the list for easier access. This only affects your own overview, it has nothing to do with rating and the other members are not able to see which applications you moved to the top.

Reference writers

No, the link and PIN in the e-mail you got from the applicant are enough.

If the applicant has waived his/her right to examine your letter of recommendation, he/she will not be able to access it. He/she is only informed whether the reference letter has already been uploaded or not. If the applicant uses your recommendation letter in an application, then all selection committee members of the corresponding listing are able to access it.

Yes, just visit the same link again, enter your PIN and upload the new document