Is my data secure on

Yes, we do our very best to keep your data as protected as possible. We encrypt all uploaded files with the AES-256 encryption standard, which is used by banks and militaries all over the world. Furthermore, every piece of sensible data you send to our servers is sent through a SSL encrypted connection using TLS 1.2, meaning that the data cannot be reconstructed by looking at your internet traffic.

Where exactly is my data stored?

All our servers are located in Germany. Also, our backups are only saved in Germany.

What type of jobs are advertised on

We only advertise jobs with direct connection to the mathematical sciences, i.e. pure mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science etc. We aim at mathematicians who finished their studies and are looking for a research position in academia or a job in industry.

Are there any running costs to use

No, you pay a fixed amount for each listing you advertise, nothing more. To learn more about the different listing options, please consult the overview Listing Options