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Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica (ISR, ) - Coimbra opens a call to hire two Postdoctoral Researchers , under  the research project nº. 028960, MULTI-CAM CAPSULE ENDOSCOPY IMAGERY: 3D CAPSULE LOCATION AND DETECTION OF ABNORMALITIES.

Detailed information -

Applications from February 4, 2021 to February 18, 2021.

Goals and research topics to develop: This project aims to investigate and develop localization methods for endoscopy capsules, and also to develop methods for the detection of abnormalities. Despite the important medical benefits of wireless capsule endoscopy, one biggest drawback of this technology is the impossibility of knowing the WCE precise location when an abnormality is detected in the WCE video. An accurate estimate of the WCE location together with the location of one of reference points (e.g. pylorus or ileocecal valve) would be medically extremely useful, since it would permit to measure the distance from the reference point to the capsule. The goals of this project are threefold. The primary goal is to devise techniques for determining the location of the wireless capsule inside the GI tract. As the main objective of a wireless capsule video examination consists in searching for abnormal features in the images, the secondary goal of this project is automatic detection of different and medical relevant abnormalities in wireless capsule images. The third goal is a consequence of the previous two and aims at defining computer-aided medical systems for diagnosis. The project team is made up of people from the Institute of Systems and Robotics of Coimbra (Proponent), and the University of Coimbra.

Application Instructions

Monthly remuneration: Gross monthly Remuneration is 2.128,34€.

Start Date and workplace: The contracts are expected to start in March 2021 and have a duration of 15 months. The activities will be developed at ISR-Coimbra facilities (Pole II,

Profile of Candidate: Any National, foreign and stateless candidate(s) that hold the following requirements can apply:
• PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Computer Science, Mathematics, or closely related area;
• Proven experience in Computer Vision, Image Processing or related field;
• Proficiency in spoken and written English;

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Contact Person
Prof. Helder Araujo