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University of Vienna, TU Wien and IST Austria
SFB 65
Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1
Vienna and Klosterneuburg

In the framework of the SFB 65 "Taming Complexity in Partial Differential Systems" the following 4 PhD positions are currently open.

Each position is based in one of the various Project Parts of the SFB, with planned collaborations with other Project Parts.

Project Part 1 (Anton Arnold):
1 PhD position at TU Wien (3 years)
Hypocoercivity in the large-time behavior of parabolic and hyperbolic systems

Project Part 3 (Jan Maas & Julian Fischer):
1 PhD position at IST Austria (5 years)
Optimal transport and interacting particle systems

Project Part 7 (Ilaria Perugia), in collaboration with Vladimir Kazeev (Project Part 5):
1 PhD position at the University of Vienna (3 years)
Space-time finite element methods for wave problems in time-domain: tensor-structured approaches

Project Part 14 (Sara Merino-Aceituno & Christian Schmeiser):
1 PhD position at the University of Vienna (3 years)
Derivation and analysis of a model for collective dynamics

The annual gross salaries are approximately 30k € for 30 hours/week (standard salaries for PhD positions funded by the FWF). Applicants must have or be close to obtain a Master in Mathematical Sciences or related fields. Start dates vary among the 4 positions. The deadline for application is on 22.02.2021.

Further details on the individual positions as well as the online application form can be found at

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