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University of Stuttgart
Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Systems
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The Perceptual User Interfaces research group at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, invites applications for several PhD positions, in an environment that offers much creative freedom and support to conduct cutting-edge research. Some of these positions are within an ERC Starting Grant project, a prestigious five-year European grant.

A successful candidate has demonstrated outstanding academic performance (rank at top of class) and a strong technical background in one or several of the following research areas:

  • Computer vision/Computer graphics, e.g. 3D graphical (face, hand, body) modelling, egocentric vision, scene understanding, pose estimation, object detection/recognition
  • Machine learning, e.g. deep and recurrent neural networks, generative models, reinforcement learning, visual dialog, cognitive modelling, or multi-agent systems
  • Human-Computer Interaction, e.g. design and evaluation of interaction techniques and adaptive information visualisations, user interface and user experience design, empirical evaluation of interactive systems

An interest in applying these methods to interactive intelligent systems is required. Excellent programming skills are expected. Previous experience with Python, TensorFlow, or CUDA is an advantage. Strong team working and critical thinking skills, aptitude for independent and creative work, as well as fluent English written and presentation skills are essential.

Admission will be competitive. If selected, you will be offered a fully-funded PhD position with a flexible start date. Salaries are internationally competitive based on state employee salary scheme TVL-E13 (100%) that includes health insurance, social insurance, and contributions to the retirement pension plan. You will develop, implement, and evaluate new computational methods, apply them in the context of interactive intelligent user interfaces, and write up the results for top international venues, such as - depending on focus - CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, NeurIPS, CHI, UIST, IUI or UbiComp/IMWUT. You will contribute to the leadership of ongoing projects, will have the opportunity to advise undergraduate and graduate students, and contribute to the teaching activities of the group.

About the group
The Perceptual User Interfaces group works at the intersection of computer vision, machine learning, and human-computer interaction. The group develops computational methods to address fundamental challenges in sensing, modelling, and analysing everyday non-verbal human behaviour. The group is well-known for this line of work, has a strong presence in all leading conferences in the above fields, and publications from the group are frequently distinguished with best paper awards (16 over the last couple of years). You will work among gifted colleagues and experienced scientists and have access to excellent infrastructure, including distinguished lectures, research seminars, and invited talks by international guests, as well as a high-performance GPU cluster. For details see:

About the University of Stuttgart
The University of Stuttgart is cradled in what is simultaneously one of Germany's most beautiful landscapes and one of Europe's most economically successful areas. The region is known for a high standard of living, beautiful surroundings, and easy access to other major metropolitan areas. The university is one of the top nine leading and oldest technical universities (TU9) in Germany and consistently ranked highly in international rankings. The University of Stuttgart is part of the Cyber Valley initiative, a new center for artificial intelligence research that brings together partners from science and industry to boost intelligent systems research and development in the Stuttgart-Tübingen region, specifically in the areas of machine learning, robotics, and computer vision.

The Department of Computer Science is located on the university campus in Stuttgart Vaihingen. It is devoted to cutting-edge research in computer science ranging from foundations (algorithms, programming logics, computer architecture) to a variety of application domains (computer vision and graphics, machine learning and robotics, intelligent systems). With its vibrant research environment and its attractive Bachelor and Master programs, the Department attracts top students from all over the world. The department offers a stimulating and collaborative environment. It is equipped with high-class research facilities and has close links to leading international companies in and around Stuttgart (e.g. Bosch AI, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche).

Application Instructions

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Prof. Andreas Bulling