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Université de Caen Normandie
Boulevard du Maréchal Juin
14032 Caen

The project "Noncommutative analysis on groups and quantum groups" funded by the ANR offers a one year post-doc position under the supervision of one member of the team below.

We aim it to start September 2022 but we are flexible. The stipend is  2750€ before payroll tax (about 2100€ after). Applications should be sent to the contacts below before end of January 2022, they should contain at least a full CV and a motivation letter describing for instance the research perspectives and the potential collaboration with the project member(s).

A decision will be made by the end of February.

The project is about the study of notions of multipliers (Schur, Fourier) in noncommutative analysis and their applications to various fields (functional calculus, operator algebras, geometric group theory,...).

The members of the Caen team are C. Coine, E. Germain, É. Ricard and R. Vergnioux in Caen, L. Cadilhac, P. Fima, A. Freslon and J. Roydor in Paris and M. de la Salle in Lyon.
All applications demonstrating a strong research potential in the field of the project will be considered.

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Mr. Eric Ricard