Non-tenure-track/postdoctoral L'AQUILA, Italy Apply
Gran Sasso Science Institute
Mathematics Area
Viale Francesco Crispi 7
67100 L'AQUILA

- Numerical analysis and in particular numerical linear algebra, numerical optimization

and applications, matrix methods in systems theory and data science, numerical methods

for machine learning and compressed sensing, low rank techniques, numerical methods

for time dependent evolution problems, numerical methods for non smooth problems;

- Partial differential equations and their applications in fluid dynamics, including

non-classical fluids, capillary fluids and quantum fluids. Non-uniqueness problems,

convex integration methods. Problems of singularity and instability in fluid dynamics,

including boundary layers analysis. Partial differential equations of dispersive type,

existence and dynamics of vortices, solitary waves and dispersive shocks. Quantum

synchronization problems. Problems of pattern formation in biology;

- Probability, in particular mathematical models in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.

Quantum multibody systems.

Application Instructions

The applications must be sent to GSSI only by filling out the online application form at:

Deadline: April 7, 2022 - 4 p.m. (Italian time zone)


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