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CentraleSupélec and Institut Pasteur
3 rue Joliot Curie
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

We would like to advertise postdoc positions that we have available at Institut Pasteur (Paris) and CentraleSupélec (Saclay) in the context of a starting collaborative project between Inria and Institut Pasteur. The focus of the project is on coupling models of stochastic biochemical processes inside single cells (continuous-time Markov chains or stochastic differential equations) to population-level processes. The objective is then to develop methods for model identification and optimal control to understand and regulate the dynamics of microbial populations and consortia emerging from synthetically engineered gene networks in yeast cells that we are studying in our experimental biology laboratory at Pasteur. More detailed information on the open positions can be found here:

Application Instructions

Candidates should have a PhD in a theoretical field, such as mathematics, physics, computer science, control engineering or similar, and be capable of using methods from these fields to study dynamical systems and stochastic processes in applications. Experience with either continuous-time Markov chains, stochastic differential equations, stochastic chemical kinetics or alternatively partial differential equations and numerical analysis is a plus. Specific expertise in biology is not required but candidates are expected to build up an understanding of our concrete applications throughout the course of the project. Candidates who expect to finish their PhD-studies in the near future are also encouraged to apply.

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Contact Person
Dr. Jakob Ruess