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Inria Saclay and CentraleSupélec
Laboratory of Signals and Systems
3 rue Joliot Curie
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

We are offering a two-year post-doc position to work around the Chemical Master Equation (CME). The CME is a linear differential system which describes the progress of a set of chemical reactions. When only a low number of molecules is involved, the occurence of chemical reactions is inherently stochastic and can be described with a continuous-time Markov chain. Our interest in the CME comes from optimal control problems of cell populations in which biochemical processes, leading to the production of proteins of interest, take place.

The postdoc will work on the mathematical analysis of the CME and its PDE-approximations. He/she will work on the development of numerical methods for the simulation and the optimization of the CME.

The post-doc will take place within the framework of the OPT-MC project acronym for "OPTimal control of Markov Chains" and "OPTogenetics control of Microbial Communities". The project is a multidisciplinary project funded by the French National Agency for Research. The project partners are : Laurent Pfeiffer (Inria Saclay and L2S), Frédéric Bonnans (Inria Saclay and L2S) and Jacob Ruess (Inria Saclay).

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Dr. Laurent Pfeiffer