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2004, Route de Lucioles
BP 93
06902 Sophia-Antipolis
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Full Announcement:
Applications are  welcome at the Inria center of the University Cote d’Azur on the French Riviera situated in the vibrant technopole of Sophia-Antipolis, for a Master internship (4 to 6 months duration) followed by a three year fully funded PhD positon (to start immediately after or at commonly agreed date), in the context  of a multi-partner collaborative  project with the  Inria  from University of Lorraine (Nancy) and TU Eindhoven (The Netherlands).  The aim of the project is to study multilevel distributed  strategies  for  fast training  of  physics-based  neural networks for  modelling  electromagnetic  wave  propagation in frequency regime.  We will in particular  investigate strategies that can accurately and efficiently deal with  the  simulation of electromagnetic wave interaction  with  heterogeneous media, and geometrically complex scattering structures.  
The  internship position is open  to students currently enrolled in an MSc in Applied mathematics or Scientific computing or connecting disciplines but with a strong mathematical background. The candidate is expected to have a solid knowledge in numerical methods for the solution of PDEs, basic programming skills and a minimal knowledge of Machine Learning. 

Application Instructions

The application must  be done online via the officia Inria webpage

The application  package needs to  contain a  CV, a  letter of  motivation, copies  of relevant course transcripts along  with the contacts of  at least two academic referees.

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This employer is not accepting applications through Please follow the instructions above and refer to in your application.
Contact Person
Dr. Stephane Lanteri