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Université du Havre Normandie
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LMAH Lab is hiring an experienced researcher for a one year contract to participate in the research activities of the ANR Project Com2SiCa - COMprendre et SImuler les COMportements humains sur des territoires en situation de CAtastrophe : de l'analyse à l'anticipation (Understanding and Simulation of Human Behaviors in areas affected by disasters: from analysis to anticipation).

The purpose of this project is to understand and model the different human behaviors during a catastrophe. The PCR system (Panic-Control-Reflex) is a first model which was built to better predict the human behavior during catastrophic events [Verdière et al., 2014; Provitolo et al., 2015 ; Cantin et al., 2016]. Dividing the population affected by a disaster into three groups of behaviors, the model takes into account the links between the different behavior phases, distinguishing evolution processes and imitation phenomena.

The selected candidate is expected to work on the development and study of PCR models within the PDE framework, in order to take into account the spatial variable. Indeed, the role played by the spatial configuration and its constraints is not negligible in the dynamics of human reactions and the geographic space, organized by societies, is not a neutral substrate.

Thus, the selected candidate will develop his/her research activities in the field of complex systems and networks of PDE, from both point of view : numerical and theoretical. This post-doc position is a pluridisciplinary transversal work and needs experience in different areas such as:

  • complex networks
  • partial differential equations (PDE)
  • dynamical processes on complex networks (dynamical graphs, ...)
  • nonlinear dynamical systems
  • computational mathematics
  • applied mathematics (epidemiology, mathematical biology...)


Application Instructions

- Have a French PhD or an equivalent international degree
- good knowledge in PDEs (numerical and theoretical)
- modelling experience (mathematical biology, ODE and PDE)
- one year (or more) academic research experience will be appreciated- excellent written and oral proficiency in English
- excellent communication skills in an interdisciplinary environment

To apply: please submit a CV, a publications list, at least 2 recommendation letters and a cover letter outlining current research interests by e-mail to: and precising in the “subject” of the email that you apply for this Post-Doc position.

Deadline for applications: Review of applications will begin on November 10, and continue until the position is filled.

All enquiries should be directed to: and
Interested candidates are welcome to contact us (email) to discuss the position and the project.

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Dr. Valentina Lanza
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