Tenure-track Tilburg, Netherlands Apply
Tiburg University
Econometrics & OR
Warandelaan 2
5037 AB Tilburg

URL: https://econjobmarket.org/positions/6243
Field(s) of specialization: All fields
Position types: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor

We are looking for excellent candidates who have a strong background in quantitative methods,
contribute to our research in economics and finance, and can publish in the leading journals in
economics, business, and statistics.

We will consider applicants with PhD degrees in economics, finance, and statistics. Candidates are
expected to teach in our bachelor, master, and/or PhD programs.

The Econometrics group of the Department of Econometrics and OR (https://bit.ly/31Ltfug) focuses on
the quantitative-empirical and quantitative-theoretical approaches to (primarily) economics and finance.
Our research interests range from econometrics and statistics, economic and finance theory, and
computational economics and finance to applications in economics, finance, and related fields.

Tilburg University offers competitive European salaries and attractive teaching loads. New colleagues
from outside the Netherlands can apply for a tax-free allowance equal to 30% of their taxable salary.

Application Instructions

To apply, please create an applicant account at http://econjobmarket.org, and upload a CV, a job market paper
and three recommendation letters (required). You may upload additional papers and a research
statement (optional).
The Departments of Economics and Finance in Tilburg are also recruiting this year. Candidates should
apply separately to all departments in which they are interested.
Initial interviews will take place at the 2019 European Job Market for Economists in Rotterdam, the
Netherlands, on Wednesday, December 18, and Thursday, December 19, 2019, or via videoconferencing.
For further information, please contact Jaap Abbring (j.h.abbring@uvt.nl), John Einmahl
(j.h.j.einmahl@uvt.nl), or Bertrand Melenberg (b.melenberg@uvt.nl).

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This employer is not accepting applications through MathHire.org. Please follow the instructions above and refer to MathHire.org in your application.
Contact Person
Prof. John Einmahl
+31 13 466 8208