Step 1: Upload your application files

Navigate to your private file cloud

Logged in into your applicant's user account, open the userbox in the top right of the page and select "File Cloud".

Upload your files

Select a PDF file on your computer, give it a descriptive file name and click "Upload". The file name you chose can be seen only by you. It will serve you as an identifier for the document across the site.

Manage your files

Make sure that all file uploads were successful by clicking on the file name in the list of files. If files are being used in applications, you can see in which by clicking on "?x in use".

Step 2: Send out reference letter requests

Navigate to your references overview

Open the userbox and select "References" to get to an overview of all your reference letter requests.

Send reference letter requests

To send a new request, fill out the form on the bottom of the page. You can supply a use case keyword – only visible to you and your reference – to easily distinguish your reference letter requests.

Manage your references

On the top of the page, you will find an overview of all your requests. If a request is shaded red, the recommendation has not been uploaded yet. Still, you may quote it in all your applications.

Step 3: Apply for jobs all over the world

Find jobs in academia or industry

In the top navigation, select "Jobs in ?" or "Map" to find jobs in academia or industry. On the "Map", every marker represents one or several open positions. Click on one of them to reveal links to the job listings.

Find out how to apply

On the job listing page, read all the information carefully, especially the application instructions. If the employer accepts applications through, click on the button "Apply now". If you did not fill out your cover sheet yet, you are asked to do so now.

Fill out the application form

In this case, select your application files and references. Answer the questions asked by the employer (if any) and click on "Apply". Your application will be marked as complete as soon as all your references have uploaded their recommendations. That's it.