Step 1: Add a job listing

Navigate to the Add a Job Listing form

Logged in into your employer's user account, open the userbox in the top right of the page and click on "Add Listing". You will then be given the choice between advertising a job in academia or in industry. Make your selection and you will be taken to the right Add a Job Listing form.

Select your desired listing option

First, select one of the two listing options Advertising only and Advertising + Manage applications online.

If you select Advertising only, your job listing will be a static page that contains a position description and detailed instructions how to apply for this position by e-mail, regular mail, or off site.

If you select Advertising + Manage applications online, you will be able to leverage our full-fledged application management software. It allows candidates to apply through, handles the transmission of application materials and reference letters, and provides you with an intuitive web interface to view and evaluate applications online.

Fill out the rest of the form

Complete the rest of the form to share with your potential candidates all relevant information. While only those form elements marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields, we recommend that you provide as much helpful information as possible.

Specify the required application materials

At the bottom of the form, please specify which documents and how many reference letters need to be provided in order to apply. If you selected Advertising + Manage applications online as your listing option, candidates will be required to provide these files when applying through

Preview your job listing

Preview your job listing by clicking on the "Preview" button on the bottom of the form. If you would like to make any adjustments, click on "Edit" on the bottom of the preview page, make your changes, and repeat this step.

Proceed to checkout

When you are ready to proceed to the checkout page, click on "Save" on the bottom of the preview page. Please do not navigate away from the preview before clicking on "Save" or all your data will get lost.

Complete checkout

On the checkout page, you will be asked for your billing address and preferred payment method, which may be credit card or bank transfer. Finally, submit your order by clicking on "Purchase".

If you selected Advertising + Manage applications online as your listing option, you will be able to view and evaluate applications on using an intuitive web interface. You may grant colleagues access to the web interface as follows, so they can participate in the evaluation process:

Step 2: Establish a selection committee

Navigate to your job listing

Click on your user button in the top right of the page. From the "Your Listings" table, select the job listing for which you would like to establish a selection committee.

Navigate to its selection committee page

On the job listing page, click on the tabular menu item "Committee". The selection committee page consists of 3 blocks: A list of all selection committee members, a list of all sent invitations that have not yet been accepted, and a web form to send a selection committee invitation.

Invite colleagues to join the selection committee

Fill out and submit the Send a Selection Committee Invitation form on the bottom of the page to invite a colleague to join the selection committee. Just provide the person's full name and (any) e-mail address, optionally his/her affiliation, and specify which permissions you want to grant.

If you selected Advertising + Manage applications online as your listing option, you have access to a collection of online tools that help you coordinate and execute the evaluation of applications:

Step 3: Evaluate applications

Navigate to the applications overview

Navigate to your job listing and click on the tabular menu item "Applications". The dynamic table that appears, the applications overview, will be your starting point every time you plan to view and evaluate applications.

View an application

To view an application, click on the corresponding "View" button in the applications overview. You will be taken to the application's page that contains relevant meta data, download links to the submitted application materials and reference letters, as well as your evaluation controls.

Read the application materials

On the application's page, click on the buttons in the Application files and References boxes to read the application materials. You may also download the application as one file for the most convenient reading experience.

Leave private note or share your opinion

On each application's page, you may leave yourself a private note for when you return later. For this, simply click on the yellow sticky note in the Evaluation box. If you want to share your opinion about an application with the selection committee, you can do so using the Share your Opinion form.

Give application a preliminary rating

Finally, give the application you are viewing your personal rating by giving it 1 to 5 stars in the Evaluation box. Your rating is still preliminary and private (indicated by the color blue), in case you change your mind.

Confirm your rating

When you are ready to share your rating with the selection committee, go back to the applications overview and click on "confirm rating" in the appropriate row. Your personal rating is now confirmed (indicated by the color yellow) and respected in the computation of the average rating.

Find the most qualified candidates

In the end, ideally, the most qualified candidates are the ones whose applications received the highest average ratings. We would be happy to hear that they also made a strong impression in their subsequent interviews.

Step 4: Close the application

When offers have been extended and accepted, please close the application. This will let others know that the position has been filled. To do so, simply navigate to your job listing, click on the tabular menu item "Close Application", and follow the instructions there.